Thursday, April 13, 2006

Psssh-psssh-psssh means it's too loud in there

…HA got her hearing loss the old-fashioned way: Sitting too close to speakers in clubs or live concerts.

…According to a story by Karina Bland in the Apr 10th Arizona Republic, half of all high school students have one or more of the following symptoms of hearing loss due to iPods and other MP3 players.

…Turning up the volume on the TV when everyone else can hear it.

…Saying “what” or “huh” a lot.

…Other times words may sound muffled (and that doesn’t count the inability of some teens to even hear the human voice if it emanates from a parent a la the trombone blatting on “Peanuts”).

…Probably this is from ear buds that direct the sounds into the ear canal. The earmuff type ‘phones are better.

…Sounds below 80 decibels are OK, but the racket from those earbuds can be 100 or more.

…This destroys those little hairs in the inner ear that transmit the signal to tbe brain for recognition.

…If you can hear the thing from the outside—it’s too damn loud.

…You can try setting kids’ top setting to 60% (HA has no idea how).

…Or limit them to an hour a day.

…Sitting by the speakers at a live Beatles concert—now that was worth it!

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