Friday, April 28, 2006

Standing in the fam

…The so-called science of birth order was developed by psychologist Arthur Adler and over the next century has been tweaked by observation and study.

…Adler said first-borns got a lot of parental attention and did not learn to share. They also fit into the world of adults from an early age.

…Over half of our presidents have been first-borns.

…First-borns are always told they can do it. They develop a confidence.

…Second-borns come to parents who already know they can rear a child. Instead of coddling when they fall, they get: “Come on, you’re OK.” (Having been through this, the parents know they are.)

…Second-borns, understandably, can be more competitive—trying to outdo the first-born. David Letterman and Donald Trump are second-borns.

…Third-borns can be teased by the competitive second child and become a peacemaker.

…Last-borns tend to be risk-takers, being left on their own when the others leave. They can love attention and be manipulative to get it.

…Coupla things. If kids are more than five years apart, it’s like two first-borns.

…Those second families by trophy wives also reset the clock—you’re starting over.

…Also, in a recent study at Lafayette College in Easton, PA, the docs found that just having an older sibling could make the next kids bigger risk-takers, meaning they are more likely to drink, smoke, use marijuana or other drugs, or have risky sex.

…Hey, what do you expect? Mom liked the older kid better!



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