Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Summer! Watermelon!

…HA received a fancy-schmancy press packet urging kids to eat more watermelon.

…Parents, it points out helpfully, often bring snacks to team sporting events. Why not make it watermelon instead of some nasty old cookies?

…A 2-cup serving has 20% of a day’s vitamin A and a quarter of the C—that in addition to the serving of, er…water. It is loaded with lycopene (more than tomatoes). In fact, the lycopene makes it red. Such anti-oxidants keep unruly rogue cells from bashing up your good ones.

…Kids need to keep slurping in hot weather, yet they often forget. Check out http://www.momsteam.com/ to customize a fluid plan for your tot.

…(HA has also heard that watermelon is a good diuretic…so is this, pardon the expression, a wash?)

…Watermelon can be made into drinks (cocktail and punches). It can become salsa. The syrup can be poured over ice cream. It can be dipped, made into popsicles, and snow-coned. You can make a watermelon split.

…And of course, the whole melons can be carved (by people besides HA) into huge boats and baskets. (You should wash even a watermelon before cutting into it and carrying field grunt into the fruit when the knife plunges.)

…Check out www.watermelon.org for tips.

…It is also awesome if dropped from a building. Did HA write that out loud?

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