Monday, April 03, 2006

Thanks for the memories, what were they again?

…HA and her sister take care of their memory-challenged mother. They are her memory bank and she asks for withdrawals constantly. The same ones!

…So it’s disturbing when she says, “You girls will be just like this.”

…HA thinks many Boomers may fear the “duh” moment.

…Lawrence W. Katz, PhD, and Manning Rubin wrote a book called “Keep Your Brain Alive.” Katz is a neurologist at Duke.

…Their gameplan is to use all the senses to produce neurotrophins, a chemical that has been shown to produce dendrites, those hairy things that connect brain cells.

…They think a lost or broken dendrite can be regrown, even in adults.

…Unlike the crossword puzzle, neurobics uses all the senses to introduce unexpected activities into everyday life, thus making your brain sit up and take notice.

…Some neurobic things you can do: Close your eyes during your shower.

…Stand on one foot to brush your teeth.

…Listen to music with a certain room freshener in the air.

…Have a family meal in silence, using hand gestures.

…Basically, change up your routines.

…In another approach, Nintendo has gotten into the act with its “Brain Training” programs. They are described as a “treadmill for the mind.”

…Uh—could that slogan use work? Maybe “Grand Theft Auto for Nice People”?

…HA checked out of the game thing with Pong and isn’t even sure what manga is. But she is glad no innocent prostitutes or gang members were shot in the making of these “grooving with the oldies” tapes.

…She also wishes Rubik Cubes came in all one color.

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