Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Trees breathe—and keep you healthy

…HA’s family does not understand her obsession with trees, especially in Arizona where the thorny-hurties are more the norm.

…Suffice it to say, trees are wise and have souls. So think of that on April 28, Arbor Day. Trees even got a day, people! Live with that.

… According to a Newhouse News Service story by Bruce Taylor Seeman, Univ of Michigan researchers say exposure to trees helps people get better faster, reduces irritability, and combats “mental fatigue.”

…For trees to improve air and water quality, you need a cover of 40% of land mass. That amounts to 15% coverage in the city, 25% in the burbs, and 60% farther out.

…Not happening.

…Fire and disease take some, bulldozers the rest.

…Trees absorb rain, thus cutting drainage costs. They shade buildings, ditto electricity for air conditioning.

…In Charlotte, NC, 27% of the canopy vanished between 1984 and 2003. It used to absorb 22 million pounds of air pollutants and now sucks up only 16 million pounds.

…Atlanta is 10-12 degrees hotter because of its loss of those giant Southern shade trees.

…Many studies have shown that nature, trees, plants, verdant views, hiking, sitting and other activities outdoors help AIDS patients, recovering breast cancer patients, and even public housing residents. The latter felt safer and more hopeful with their giant green friends around.

…Some studies show that parents might let their well-upholstered kids walk to school if everything were greener and more park-like.

…After all, did you ever hear a poem that went: “I think that I shall never see/A thing so lovely as a…

… freeway”?

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