Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Very finny

…HA is a double Pisces. She is all about the fish. For years, she raised African cichlids and now she has gigantic goldfish in a pond out back.

…An early fish mentor told her: “Fish are pigs.”

…Before we linger too lovingly on what fish swim in, the March issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases talks about a drug-resistant strain of Salmonella sending kids and hobbyists to the hospital with blood diarrhea and a very bad feeling.

…So far the stuff is cropping up in Australia and parts of Canada and North America.

…Little turtles under 4 inches are already banned here because of regular old salmonella. A quarter of a million kids got the inside-churning disease before the critters were banned.

…Now this!

…No one is asking people to live without their fish, the lead researcher says. (She has some, she admits.)

…But we do need to wash hands thoroughly. Little kids, especially, tend to skip this step.

…Don’t wash aquariums or equipment in the kitchen or bathroom.

…Disinfect surfaces with four tablespoons of bleach in a liter of water (quartish).

…Apparently this salmonella got so mighty and resistant from being insufficiently dosed with antibiotics in giant fish farms in Southeast Asia.

…Well, darn! HA is already giving birds the hairy eyeball, and now her fish are also out to get her?

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