Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wash hands or go blind

…HA is a good hand washer, especially after mucking around in her fish pond or cleaning up after the animals.

…Unfortunately, HA also seems to see the inside of a hospital pretty often and has noticed that not all the staff are as swishy-washy as she is. They put on gloves, but an unwashed hand has touched those!

…Infections in hospitals cause 90,000 deaths a year, yet compliance with handwashing edicts is 50%.

…A Harvard prof even said that computer chip makers wash their hands more than doctors, nurses and aides.

…Some hospitals harboring that horrible crap called MRSA tightened up and got to an 85% compliance level and beat back the crud.

…Other hospitals used “compliance monitors” to watch for slipups—but these people were regarded as spies.

…For one thing hospitals want people to wash after removing gloves, too.

…Alcohol cleanser dispensers need to be refilled. Mayo let the staffers test the various brands and find the least drying one. Compliance improved.

…Speaking of creeping crud, contact lens wearers need to stay on top of handwashing, too. A horrible fungus called fusarium is leaping about.

…If you get it, it made one wearer say it felt like the skin had been pulled off her eye. Antibiotic treatment takes months.

…If untreated, this stuff can blind you.

…This morning, the CDC announced that Bausch & Lomb’s ReNu with Moisture-Loc might be implicated. Toss it!

…Yes, that’s HA—your personal ray of sunshine for Tuesday.

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