Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You might be Hispanic, who knows

…An editorial in the Apr 14th WSJ, said there were 126 racial and ethnic categories in the 2000 census. In 1978, there were 5.

…Black or Hispanic in the 1990s could now be Cuban or “other.”

…This has adopted some counterintuitive spin. So-called white parents are getting their offspring DNA-tested so see if there lurks a few drops of affirmative-actionable blood in there.

…Most humans have so many genes in common, trying to titrate out some trace amount is ridiculous.

…The “one drop” rule is tossed around. One drop of something makes you that race or ethnicity.

…What if the government DNA-tested to determine this? We wouldn’t like it then, would we?

…It’s a rainbow, babies.

…Live with it—we sure have to live with each other, whatever we decide we “are.”

…If HA may add another note—re the immigration hassle now going on.

…She wonders if those so adamant about people being “illegal,” being deported, having their IDs checked all the time, or their kids denied health care did something special to be an American citizen.

….Aren’t we suddenly wielding a lucky accident of birth completely outside our control (and having nothing to do with our superiority or lack of it compared with another group) against those who are coming behind?

…At least they are making their kids citizens deliberately. Wouldn’t you do as much for your child?

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