Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yuh-um, watercress

…Back when HA had a real job, her boss had a yard with a stream in it and often talked about making a salad from watercress that grew there.

…HA always tried to picture Mr. Pinstripe Lobbyist grazing in his yard.

…But the cress is awesome healthwise, apparently. Low-cal, packed with vits and minerals, and if you wash it first, giardia-free.

…It’s peppery!

…You know those mutant veggies on the shelf ABOVE the boring stuff like lettuce? That’s cress country.

…There is a Watercress Alliance in England. Their motto is the rousing: “Not just the bit on the side.”

…(HA thought that was a mistress.)

…Store cress in a plastic bag or stems in water with plastic over it.

…You can put it on pizza, in soup, or on top of fresh butter or cream cheese in sandwiches.

…Being British is optional.

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