Thursday, April 06, 2006

Zits--what's the adult term?

…You wanted to feel younger, right? Good news. Apparently you are never too old to get teenage skin. Not the smooth kind, the red bumpy kind.

…Not a great look next to the wrinks.

…In fact, adult acne can scar you even worse, because skin is less able to heal.

…Over half of women and 40% of men over 25 have some sort of acne.

…Bum up!

…Apparently afflicted adults run to the dermie immediately and demand, “Fix this!”

…Blah, blah, stress, hormones (thus the periodic breakouts for women), the stuff is still there.

…Something called blue-light treatments can help in some cases.

…Antibiotics can be applied to the skin.

…Even Clearasil (flash from the past) is still a staple.

…Otherwise, use a mild soap for washing, don’t scrub, quit picking, avoid oily cosmetics and sunscreen, and…this is good…

…Cut stress.

…Who wouldn’t be stressed with an adult pizza face?

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