Thursday, May 25, 2006

Aw...a Babymoon

…Several resorts out here in AZ and in San Diego are offering “babymoon” packages…Massages, menus, and classes aimed at giving the Packmule Mom-to-Be
a big old pampering before the Pamper Patrol begins.

…Oh, yes, Dad is going along. These are billed as a ”last chance” deal before the giant lifechange. (Dad may get a cigar, so don’t think these are all about the health.)

…However, even for a massage, a note from the doctor may be in order.

…Should this be during the second trimester? Well, some women travel in the third, too.

…Studies about traveling preggos are inconclusive. Many were done on pregnant flight attendants, and stress and all the walking might have been factors in a slightly higher risk of miscarriage.

…If you want to book a Babymoon…check out: Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa in La Jolla, CA, or (866) 794-6396. La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA, or (800) 854-5000. In AZ: Camelback Inn, or (800) 24-Camel.

…By the way, these ‘Moons cost a lot of green cheese. Think Britney bucks.

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