Thursday, May 11, 2006

Big silver petri dish?

…Ever sit next to someone with a heaving chest cold? Or worse?

…The Centers for Disease Control has decided maybe air travel might be a little iffy infection-wise. They are looking into it.

…Plane air is recirculated, people spew infectious droplets, and you might touch something an infected person touched.

…Still, some experts maintain that air travel is no more dangerous to your health than sitting in an office.

…The airlines say they filter germs, bacteria, and viruses. About half the air is recirculated—to circulate more burns more fuel.

…Carriers that flew mumps carriers (cough American Airlines cough) contacted customers and flight crews immediately.

…About all you can do is, all together now, frequent handwashing, avoiding door handles, and staying away from a particularly wheezy or sick-looking person (sure, there may be room on the wing).

…A friend of HA’s saw someone wear a mask on a plane. Starting to look less kooky?

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