Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Clean, baby, clean

…As if the Birdie Bug isn’t scary enough, scientists tell us infectious diseases are creeping back everywhere, mumps, whooping cough, the oldie goldies.

…What place is filthiest? In a recent survey, almost all said the restroom, but others nominated the shopping cart (that warm, sticky handle—ewww), and restaurants.

…When HA’s kid was little, HA used to wash off the binky when it fell. She did this half a dozen times then said, “Hey, more antibodies.”

….How do you think the 5-second rule got started?

…But for those who still believe in germ theory, check out the Potty Poncho. You know those flimsy white paper seat covers—this is like a giant plastic one so when little kids grab on to keep from falling in they don’t grab something icky.

… Similarly, the Clean Shopper blankets the shopping cart, making a fluffy nest for the kid.

……The Clean Diner protects junior against filthy booster seats coated with Kids Meal fare.

…And the Drop Stop is like a bingee cord for throwables. They don’t reach the disgusting ground.

…Some of these websites didn’t open as HA wrote this, so google away if you’re interested.

…HA has one question. OK, two. Who is going to lug this stuff around and when the tot grows up, how and he or she ever go in the Peace Corps with no antibodies?


Anne said...

Read somewhere in the past month , eurekalert perhaps, that those shopping cart thingeys do little to combat perceived germs. They just make mom feel like she's protecting jr.

Also, one large player in the natural supplements industry has build its empire on soil microorganisms -- the idea: we don't eat enough dirt anymore to stay healthy.

As for the 5-sec rule, are your kitchen floor microorganisms as good as the stuff on the ground outside? Should 5-sec be an outdoors-only picnic kinda rule?

Star said...

I think a lot of these things seem like protection. Confession: I never use that tissue paper doughnut thing in the ladies room. Hey' it's a dirty world. Really, really good question on the 5-sec rule. I always felt that the amt of seconds should depend on the gooeyness and germ-grabbing quality of the dropped item. A Gummy Bear? Even one sec could be fatal.

Thanks for writing!!