Monday, May 22, 2006


…In the early 1900s, according to a story by Hilary E. MacGregor in the Baltimore Sun (May 19, 2006), soy used to be a near to miraculous food.

…The protein-packed dynamo was credited with preventing breast cancer, increasing bone mass, and banishing hot flashes.

…People added the powder to everything, bought everything soy-enriched, and between formal soy-loaded meals, munched on edamame, the salty soy pod snack.

…Now the little soy bean is being attacked. “The Soy Online Service” purports to track the criminal and dangerous issues, as they put it, surrounding the plant.

…Soy can create a little too much estrogen-like activity (from isoflavones) in some cases (think “man boobs”).

…Now, the American Heart Association is pulling back, MacGregor says, from the claim that soy lowers cholesterol.

…Mainly, the docs seem irked that this is not as wondrous a wonder food as they said. It may slightly reduce the risk of breast cancer.

…For breast cancer survivors, it might even be better to ixnay extra isoflavones, which might coax tumor cells to divide.

…Soy might also interfere with synthetic thyroid hormones, although a later review did not find evidence of this.

…In mice, one isoflavone called genisten seems to affect the reproductive health of the mice.

…Would feeding of soy milk to babies also be a no-no? A panel met in March and said no, but some docs are iffy on it. See HA's archive for May.

..Still other doctors say if teenagers consume soy while their breasts are developing, they are less likely to get breast cancer later.

…We are left with the M-word again. Moderation.

…And the J-word. Judgment.


Mignon said...

Another important point...about 6% of the population is allergic to soy. I started eating soy when it was "good for you", and liked it so much I really loaded up. I got sicker and sicker, without knowing why. Ended up being quite allergic to soy. Just something to think about if you're having unexplained symptoms and are eating lots of soy.

Star said...

Yes--you can develop an allergy to anything at any time. Thanks for reminding!