Monday, May 15, 2006

The future of the future

…Half of all kids under 5 in the U.S. are a racial or ethnic minority. HA is not sure that would have been foretold a few years ago.

…Some TV station did revisit of one of their future stories—nothing had come to pass,
no flying cars, few hardworking robots bowing to our every need, HA cannot even remember all the things that didn’t happen.

…In the summer of 2005, Newsweek did an issue about health in the 21st century.

…Let’s see what lies in store. Or not.

…Addiction and Alzheimers could be as manageable as high blood pressure. Several Alzheimers drugs promising to be more effective than those now on the market could be available when the boomers reach 70.

…Gene mapping and genetic testing will help docs customize therapy to each person.

…Cancer researchers are already concentrating on getting tumors to die by cutting off their blood supply. Early detection by biomarkers in the blood—like measuring cholesterol—will guide treatment.

…Also, the medicines that rob tumors of snaking vessels around and getting blood to grow are less toxic—your hair does not fall out, you don’t get sick.

…Genetics will become such a powerful customizer that drugs can be created to treat individual races or ethnic groups. (This has already happened to some extent.)

…HA will include some more of these later, but doesn’t it make you feel better just to read this?

…Now if only George Jetson were a doctor.

…Maybe Astro could at least be a therapy dog.

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