Friday, May 19, 2006

Get the gain without the strain

…Mary Beth Fuller, writing in the Arizona Republic (May 16, 2006), talks about repetitive motion injuries.

…Some people can type, scale fish or whack a tennis ball over and over—nothing. Others gradually crumble.

…The experts say it’s luck and genetics. Something you don’t even know you are doing, the way you are holding yourself or using a muscle, can bring it on or prevent it.

…(HA hates things where she can’t blame herself.)

…Anyway, people often wait too long to seek help…A searing shinsplint can turn into a stress fracture, Fuller writes.

…Untreated carpal tunnel can lead to numbness or hand weakness.

…The doctor will tell you to rest the part, not by lying in bed but by adopting a new way of performing the action.

…Athletes can switch sports or workouts. Get hurt running—do some yoga, for example.

…A splint may be applied.

…Thumb killin’ ya from using your iPod? It may be De Quervain’s tenosynovitis—doctorese for a sore thumb-side of your wrist. A splint may be prescribed, or a cortisone shot.

….Overall, it’s good advice to learn to do things correctly. Have a coach watch you run or hit the ball.

…As for the computer user’s curse, carpal tunnel, try to stroke the keys more softly. Take frequent breaks and don’t bend your wrist up or down. Also--don’t slump! (Some Mom threw that one in.)

…Long fingernails can also force your wrists into a bad position.

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