Thursday, May 18, 2006


…Newsweek (May 22, 2006) notes that this is National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

…Each year, 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs, 150,000 of them badly enough to go to the ED.

…HA’s daughter was one of those unlucky ones. Twenty-two stitches. Pitbull.

…The owner would not cover the part of the bill not covered by insurance (plenty), so HA’s daughter turned her over to the health insurance company, which is going after her. Outcome unknown at this point.

…Of course, that doesn’t help HA get her money back--or her daughter, her original face.

…It’s best to prevent such occurrences. Teach kids never to approach an unfamiliar dog.

…Don’t look unknown dogs directly in the eye.

…If you get a nip, wash it with soap and water. If it’s still bleeding, apply pressure.

…Check with a doctor within six hours.

…Infections are more likely with dogs who eat fresh meat, so ask the owner.

…If you or your kid is ripped up, ask the ED doctors to get a plastic surgeon.

…HA worships dogs, but isn’t too crazy about the zaggy rip in the upper lip of her beautiful daughter. The scar may need to be revised at some point (no plastic surgeon was called).

…She learned later that many dogs do try to tear the vulnerable fleshy lips of their adversaries.


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