Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Have you forgotten 9/11?

…What is this big push to remember that awful day? HA thinks about it several times everyday.

…Now there is one movie, with an Olly Stoner coming soon.

….Do kids need to see the bursting buildings again—over and over? HA knows she doesn’t!

…Some of these kids (now 5) didn’t even see it the first time and now will.

…Websites exist to help parents talk to their kids about this.

…HA thinks about it because no steps to prevent this again seem to have been taken. The same people are mad at the same people. The same people are not doing their all. It’s the same big CF it’s always been.

…Assinine comments like “Obesity is the terror within” are being bandied. What is a hefty kid to think of that—that he or she is inherently evil, capable of murdering thousands?

…Yes, everything is evil, evil, evil.

…HA does not need to relive 9/11 until the time when she might actually have to.

…How do you feel, readers?

…Is all this a free-form anxiety attack?

…Oh, well, if you want to regale the kiddies, the website is


Bill Thomasson said...

Just now catching up.

How do I feel? I was 12 when terrorists attacked President Truman. I was in grad school when terrorists blew up a building at the University of Wisconsin, killing 5 postdocs and grad students, I suppose I was a bit short of 60 when terrorists blew up the Murtagh Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing some 80 men, women, and children.

We have always been at the mercy of "fate, chance, kings, and desperate men." What else is new?

Star said...

I remember the troops in the street in DC during the 1968 riots. We seem to be edging toward martial law or Seven Days in May or whatever and it's not good for my digestion.

A "war" is not some free-form keep an eye on people thing.