Monday, May 01, 2006

Hip to golf swing problems?

…HA is not a golfer. Although she took golf in collitch, she also took bowling and canoeing and does not do those, either. She gets her exercise jumping to conclusions.

…But esteemed health writer colleague Tara Parker-Pope wrote in the WSJ of April 20, 2004, that tight hip muscles inhibit the swing of some golfers and stop their swing.

…The upshot is not hip pain—but back pain.

…Going to a golf pro for pointers can help you avoid surgery or painkillers.

…But what it amounts to is strengthening the whole body, not just the back or hips, and this applies to non-golfers with back pain, as well.

…The docs checked out 42 professional golfers, 14 of whom had a history of back pain, according to Parker-Pope.

…The ones with back pain had less flexibility in their lead hip (the left in right-handed golfers, and the opposite in left-handed ones).

…This is the hip that pivots in the swing. If it’s stiff, the force goes to the back instead of the hip.

…A pro or sports doctor can videotape your swing and examine it frame-by-frame.

…A common swing mistake is ending the swing with most of your weight in the back leg instead of the front leg.

…According to News-Line, a newsletter for physical therapists, you should warm up for 10-15 minutes before playing golf.

…Use good-quality equipment, shoes, socks, and clothing.

…Take lessons.

…And if something goes south, ice it down. If it doesn’t let up promptly, time for a trip to the doc.

…Maybe it would help to take golfer’s yoga. Miami’s Doral Golf Resort has devised a regimen that is helping both pros and amateurs.

…Hip openers, spinal twists, and stretches are hallmarks of this special yoga, which would probably set a swami’s head spinning.

…Or improve his handicap. Who knows?

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