Wednesday, May 17, 2006


…Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps you shut down for sleep.

…Up to 40% of Americans have trouble sleeping or staying asleep.

…Does melatonin do squat? Studies vary.

…A recent one, at Harvard, found that melatonin was more effective in helping people sleep during the day—or when they ordinarily wouldn’t be sleeping.

…Maybe this confirms its efficacy for jet lag and for people who work quirky hours.

…Interestingly, the docs found that a teeny dose of even one-third of a milligram was as good as the 3 mg or 5 mg tabs you see for sale.

…Nature’s Bounty carries the small dose, if you’re wondering.

…The researchers also found that the largely unregulated melatonin business was pretty regular and that almost all the brands contained what they said they did.

…HA has found she can take a mellie even as late as 3 AM and get up by 6:15 without feeling like a slug on ‘ludes.

…But don’t take her word (she can’t even find anyone to hire her to play a doc on TV). Ask your friendly neighborhood physician.


Tiffany said...

Well, seeing as practically all of the sleep drugs on the market are habit forming - regardless of what the drug reps tell you, I think maybe there might be something to the melatonin thing. And, you know, the placebo effect can work wonders.

A lot of docs I know use benadryl, or red wine, or other non-recommended substances to get some shut eye. If you can get that or melatonin to work for you, no need to pay for Lunesta.

Star said...

Thanks for commenting. I like the mellies myself!

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