Thursday, May 04, 2006

The motion of the ocean--car, train, rollercoaster

…HA gets motion sick. Big time. When someone hands her reading matter in the car, she charmingly screeches, “Do you want me to puke?”

…Her family pathology is rife with cars full of bilious kids careening down mountain switchbacks. (In one instance, HA’s father regaled his pea-green family with tales of the barbeque dinner they would have later...good times, good times.)

…Dramamine—ah, the coma medicine…gotta love it. It saved HA on a deepsea fishing trip. Her Dad hung tough and was miserable throughout.

…Writing in the Arizona Republic, Connie Midey tells about people who get the "green wave” from watching basketball games, staring at ceiling fans, or even being hauled through a car wash.

…Is the human body supposed to act like this? Apparently yes. Nine out of 10 people have been sick at one time or another, Midey writes.

…It can start when you are a child…and never stop.

…Basically, your brain is getting conflicting messages from your inner ear, eyes, and other senses and decides to make you throw up. (Seems like a good idea to the body at the time.)

…One key, according to an herbal medicine expert Midey talked to, is to try to relax and let your body sort it out. One woman even laid down on the deck of a boat and tried to become one with the vessel.

…Some remedies include a wristband called Sea Band to press on an acupuncture point in the wrist; Queeze-Eze, a ginger-based tablet (used on the expedition to find the Titanic); ear patches containing scopolomine, or prescription-strength pills containing the element in Dramamine or Bonine.

…Eat a light starchy meal a few hours before leaving. Avoid high-fat and alcohol. Nibble dry crackers.

…Sit away from smokers and in fresh air. On a plane, sit over the wing. In a car, drive or call shotgun. On a ship, spend time on the upper deck.

…Rub your belly clockwise. (It’s hard to hurl doing that, but OK.)

…In the car, we always carried a “spit bowl.” The word VOMIT would never have passed HA’s mother’s lips.


Mignon said...

I get motion sick after a long boat, train or car trip...when I hit stable land again.

PenisMan said...
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Star said...
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