Friday, May 05, 2006

No wonder some women are grumpy

…The National Headache Foundation ( reminds us that women are three times more likely to get migraines as men—and 60% of these women will suffer migraines tied to their menstrual cycle.

…In a recent survey, 87% of female migraineurs said their headaches were worse during their period.

…Menstrually-Related Migraines (MRMs), happens around the period, but also at other times of the month. Pure Menstrual Migraines occur only during menstruation.

…These “M” headaches are more painful, last longer, and creep back more often when medication wears off.

…Estrogen is at the basis of these pests.

…Pregnancy and breastfeeding can help. Almost half said their headaches let up during pregnancy, with a difference apparent in the first trimester.

…It is not “normal” to have a headache with your period—check with the doctor if you do.

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