Monday, May 08, 2006

Pinkeye may not mean trip to the doc

…HA and her spawn both had pinkeye recently. The curtains of green slime draining down the cheeks are not a plus.

… This will go away on its own, researchers say. Now they tell us! The drip of antibiotics may just shorten its course.

…In a recent review of studies by the Cleveland Eye Clinic, even the bacterial pinkeye that might respond to antibiotics may not need them. The viral kind, of course, will not even respond.

…Nevertheless, the docs concluded, many physicians will continue to prescribe drops. Without them, a third of patients may call back and say they are not well yet.

…Or their parents will. Most pinkeye sufferers are kids. And many may be kept out of school until this scourge passes.

…Enter our old and overused friend—antibiotics.

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