Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some states checking for postpartum depression

…Since Tom Cruise can’t be everywhere at once (laws of physics), according to an AP story by David Crary (Apr 26), New Jersey decided to screen new mothers for hormonally caused depression following a birth.

…Women don’t want to come forward for fear of being labeled crazy (yes, on “The Today Show” by some clown who barely knows them).

…One mother described her feelings as a black hole she fell into.

…Another mother cried and cried.

…Yes, you’re tired but what about a sense of joy? A neutral blank feeling toward the newborn can be a bad sign.

…New Jersey docs, nurses, psychologists and social workers ask screening questions about emotions now. (The Nanny state, literally? What do you think, readers?)

…Of the state’s 115,000 births each year, 10% will be to mothers who could use a hand with this.

…Drugs and psychotherapy are used, most effectively in combo, to combat these rollercoastering emotions.

…The kid will make you nutty enough later. Don’t rush it.

…Speak up and say, “I don’t feel normal about this or like I expected to feel.”

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