Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sunscreen not for amateurs

…HA used some bodywash the other day that reminded her of Coppertone. Remember those days? When you wanted to get tan? The baby oil? The “deep tanning” lotions?

…Well, this is no longer allowed without great dollops of guilt and dread.

…Now we must block the warm, buttery rays that soak in and feel so elemental and good.

…And you can’t just slap on some SPF 15 and be good to go. SPF 15 supposedly means you can stay in the sun 15 times longer than you could without it—without damage.

…The vampires among us want SPF 400 or something (OK, 40).

…And there are different things in the goo that behave different ways.

…And you have to apply half a cup or something and wait before going out. Writing in that weird little attenutated Life Magazine thing (have you seen it?), Joanne Chen talks about different approaches.

…It you’re oily, use a gel or spray.

…If you have zits, use acne medication first, then sunscreen on top. If this becomes a glary mess, apply some sunscreen powder.

…Freckles? Check labels for niacinamide or active soy. Then use a sunscreen foundation, too.

…Sensitive skin means using a zinc oxide or titanium oxide barrier.

… Ah, zinc oxide. That’s what the lifeguards put on their noses in sunnier days gone by.

…Oh, and just a note. Rickets are showing up in some tots again—Vitamin D deficiency. It seemed a little farfetched to HA, but one expert said this was from using too much sunscreen. The sun helps the body make Vitamin D, which strengthens bones.


Mignon said...

Supposedly there is new stuff called micronized zinc oxide and titanium oxide that is isn't like putting on face paint.

Star said...

Several groups have now called for recall of the submicronized stuff--incl the Intl Center for Technology Assessment and Friends of the Earth. They say the tech is unproven and people are being used as guinea pigs.

For what it's worth.

Addison said...

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