Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Thirst roulette

…The government (ours) has analyzed more than 100 soft drinks and beverages and turned up five with levels of cancer-causing benzene above what the FDA allows us to consume.

…Beware of Safeway Select Diet Orange, Crush Pineapple, AquaCal Strawberry-Flavored Water Beverage, Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange, and Giant Light Cranberry Juice Cocktail.

…Benzene can form from vitamin C and either sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate.

…It doesn’t happen in every case—heat or light exposure can cause the chemicals to do their thing.

…A company spokesperson said oh, the amounts were so small compared with benzene we soak up everyday from the environment.

…HA loves that argument: You're already getting it, so what the hell, bottoms up!

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