Friday, May 26, 2006

Time for sunglass class

…Ultraviolet, ummm, sounds lovely, but UVB can burn the skin and UVA ages it—and both can damage the lens of the eye and the retina farther back in your head.

…Even though you can’t get a tan through a window, some of the most dangerous radiation, UVA and infrared, does get through the glass—and the same goes for the glass in many sunglasses.

…Jane E. Brody wrote about this in the May 23, 2006 edition of the NYT.

…Costa Del Mar, a high-end sunglass company told HA (that’s their Hammerhead frame pictured,, that the polycarbonates that absorb UV are sometimes coated on or included in the glue that holds polarized layers together, but is not melted into the lens glass itself, as their company does it.

…If the blocker is not in the glass itself, the company says, it can be rubbed off with multiple cleanings.

…Then all you are left with is dark-colored glass, which causes your pupils to dilate, letting in even more UVs.

…How can you tell if your protection is slapped on or melted in? According to Costa del Mar, you can’t.

…Brody says to make sure the lens is big enough to protect the eyes and eyelids and is colored gray or amber, so you can still tell a red light from a green one.

…Temple wraparounds, she writes, also block from the side.

…At least make sure the fabbie specs you have in mind block all forms of UV. You may lose them before the coating comes off anyway.

…Oh, and don’t forget wee pairs for the babies and toddlers.

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