Thursday, May 25, 2006

Truth of kernels

…Ah, to have been there when the first Aztec got an ear of corn a little too close to the fire and invented popcorn.

…Now, even the National Cancer Institute, American Dietetic Association, and American Dental Association approve of the stuff.

…With some reservations.

…Popcorn is pretty low cal at 55 cals an unbuttered cup (unbuttered, can that be?). It’s rich in fiber, and even contains vits and minerals.

…But..when it’s drenched in butter or those “butter-like” things (ew) and coated with extra powdery sticky salt…it’s not what the doc ordered.

…Try instead putting ¾ cups of kernels in a sturdy, thick-bottomed pot—no oil—and sliding back and forth frantically until it does its thing.

…If you must add lubricants, use unsaturated oils such as canola or olive.

…Add enough to coat the pan in a THIN layer, then add some test kernels. When they explode, add a single-kernel-deep coating of popcorn to the bottom.

…How about those microwave kinds? They are still crammed with bad stuff, even the dreaded trans fats.

…Make your own microwave corn by mixing ¼ cup of kernels with a tablespoon of good oil and your seasonings. Pour into a brown paper sack and fold over twice and put in a single staple (which should not spark).

…Then add butter? Nah. Butter and margarine help the flavorings stick, but add fat. Butter-flavored veggie sprays also are crammed with chemicals.

…According to Phyllis Glazer, of the Associated Press, you could make your own spray with a hand-pump sprayer filled with oil or flavored oils.

…What about theatre popcorn? To hear the Nannies tell it—Death in a Bucket.

…HA can no longer eat popcorn due to her traitorous innards, but death by popcorn—well, how could you get more PC?

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