Thursday, May 11, 2006

What about the four-leggers?

…ABC-TV’s bird flu movie actually featured a teenager opening cupboards and saying, “Mom! There is no food except rice and flour.”

…Listen to HA, now, and sock away some supplies. See “The Bird Flu Preparedness Planner” (right).

…But HA digresses.

…She honestly believes the Bush-Brownie gang could have come out of Katrina looking a teeny better if they had said, “We are also going in to get the pets and animals.”

…Barbara Basler, writing in the AARP Bulletin (May 2006), points out that people died because they would not leave their furry loved ones.

…Pols from Newt Gingrich to Barney Frank are now behind federal disaster planning for pets.

…States and communities would have to show concern for the pets in their disaster plans before they would get any FEMA money, according to bipartisan legislation in the hopper.

…Under another bill, localities would be required to rescue pets prior to, during, and after a disaster. Federal money would also be allowed for shelters allowing both people and pets (during Katrina, people smuggled small animals in or would not go in themselves if their pets were not allowed).

…Helping pets is helping people, said one Humane Society spokesman.

…Some changes are also needed in how states and cities deal with rescuing pets. Throwing them in cages and then setting a deadline for the shell-shocked to find each other has been criticized.

…Many pets that were rescued never found their owners. Animal groups, large and small, turned out, slopped around in the mess in New Orleans, plucked animals off cars and balconies, fed, housed, and gave them medical attention—but the owners never got reunited.

...More thought needs to be given to this.

…No, pets are not people. But some of us think they come close.

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