Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Who gets the Bird Flu shot?

…With the “normal” flu shot, the young and old are considered most vulnerable and have priority to get the vaccine.

…That may have to be revisited should the Birdie Bug get raging.

…Authorities now are saying health care workers get it first, then the elderly.

…But this bug seems to zero in on the health 20- and 30-somethings. And these are the folks who will be keeping up deliveries, the water supply, electricity and so on.

…The government’s medical ethicists (they have those?) are suggesting young adults go to the head of the line.

…Still others are suggesting children be given priority, because they have more life left to live. But who will take care of them?

…What about air traffic controllers? Many are weighing in with “critical” professions that need priority.

…Naturally “key government leaders” are among the above.

…In Science (May 12, 2006), two experts said medical workers first, young adults next, then people 41 to 50, and those 50 and up last. Children would be protected by being kept at home.

…No professions were named. How could they forget Health Asses, that's what HA wants to know.

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