Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wouldn't you just know

…HA hates these stories where she comes off as one of those dreadful National Nannies snickering and fingerpointing.

…A University of Arizona study (Tucson), however, shows that even one puff of a cancer rod can stiffen the heart muscle a bit. (They watched people puff and then squinted at their slightly hesitating hearts in an imaging machine.)

…The docs tried this because many smokers have normal tests, but still get winded.

…Half the subjects smoked, the other half chewed nicotine gum.

…Then they dragged out the ultrasound machine.

…The reseachers didn’t know which was which—cig or gum—but did notice that the heart’s left ventricle didn’t fully relax in those who had smoked.

…No change in the gum chewers.

…The stiffening meant that heart did flood with blood the way it was supposed to, so
the lungs got less, leading to shortness of breath.

…About half an hour after smoking, the stiffness was gone.

…But in a smoker, not a test subject, the process would be about to begin again.

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