Friday, June 16, 2006

Body language shouts volumes

…Knight Ridder reporter Janea Philip says people give away their thoughts by their actions.

…Eighty percent of communication, in fact, is nonverbal, according to one expert.

…First dates, job interviews, meetings, talks with your spouse—your body may be having its own private say.

…According to Philip, some signs include: Picking at your nails or wringing your hands shows you are nervous.

…Think about the expression on your face—the other person will be.

…Arm positioning is important. Crossed arms mean dissatisfaction or vulnerability.

…You may be saying yes, but shaking your head no.

…If you glance to the right, you may be pulling your throughts from memory. To the left—from your creativity.

…Personally, HA prefers direct body language, such as that pictured.

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