Wednesday, June 14, 2006

C-sections surgery, not “extreme” Day Planning

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (June 12, 2006), Kerry Fehr-Snyder tells of a labor and delivery nurse who asked for a Caesarean section instead of a vaginal birth. A labor nurse!

…Some docs are going for this now.

…Up to 18% of C-sections are by choice. Attempts to cut the C-section rate are now out the proverbial window.

…Some movie stars even get a C-section/tummy tuck thing. How do you think they get flat stomachs so fast so they can fit into their wedding dresses?

…Planned sections allow Moms to finish projects at work and skip the tearing and possible pelvic floor trauma of a normal birth.

…The cost has come down and for major surgery, is only twice the cost of a vaginal birth now, about $12K.

…The change in doctors’ attitudes came in 2003, when the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said elective sections were ethical so long as the doctors discussed the risks of both.

…Still, the docs don’t recommend them if you plan to have more than two births. Zipping and unzipping that incision too many times can result in a hysterectomy.

…Or adhesions. Listen to Auntie HA now. When she was in the hospital doubled over in agony with a paralyzed intestine, the docs sort of shrugged. “Your abdominal surgeries,” they said.

…You do not want to be in the fetal position yourself 20 years after the blessed event.

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