Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Causes of the O-word

…Everyone seems to think if you eat less than you are burning, you will burn the fat you have stored.

…Sounds good in theory. How does this account for what every dieter knows—you may not lose any weight for days on a stringent diet and then lose 2-3 pounds overnight. Why wasn’t that fat wearing off to fuel your underfed daily activities (yes, some usable energy is stored in the liver, but that doesn’t last long).

…Seems like a few things about this haven’t been figured out, despite the fact that obesity was in all the papers!

…For one thing, there is a doctor who has been studying adenoviruses that seem to cause chickens to get fatter while sickening and dying. Antibodies to these are found disproportionately in overweight subjects. Fat you can catch? Wouldn’t that be every starlet’s basic nightmare! Not to mention, every non-starlet!

…Now, in the International Journal of Obesity, some scientists took a look at various studies and identified 10 things that might worsen the weight loss picture.

…Inadequate sleep.

…Endocrine disrupters (stuff in some foods that alter fats in the body).

…Nice temperatures (cutting calorie-burning sweating and freezing opportunities).

…Less smoking (yes, it suppresses appetite).

…Medicines that cause weight gain.

…Population changes (older people and Hispanics have higher obesity rates).

…Older birth Moms (yes, there was a study or two).

…Genetic influences during pregnancy.

…Darwin (fat people tend to oursurvive skinny ones, yes, it’s true, sorry, boneys!).

…Like mating with like (heavier people having babies tend to produce heavier kids).

…It’s not all the occasional trip to Dairy Queen.

…Keep on it, researchers!

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