Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Clean, but dead

…Mycobacteria cause such nasties as TB and leprosy—and now scientists have found that strains of these can whomp up and overwhelm some immune systems and cause horrible respiratory problems.

…Shortness of breath, night sweats, high fevers—pretty soon you begin to think something’s wrong with ya.

…Sufferers can go from doctor to doctor, writes Jane Brody in The New York Times (June 13, 2006).

…Oh, yeah—and if you get this stuff bad enough, you can die.

…And it’s everywhere. Moist showers, hot tubs, people breathing on you. Although it’s cropping up more in semi-tropical areas, it has been a problem everywhere.

…HA reads stuff like this and almost turns into Howard Hughes with his facemasks
and clean tissue boxes on his feet!

…For some reason, these things hit thin, white women more than any other group. Whew. HA is not thin.

…One reason for this stuff popping up is that hot water heaters no longer heat water as hot.. Many are capped out at 125 degrees to keep from boiling children.

…Also people shower more—breathing in the damp, bacteria-laced fumes.

…These infections can be treated, but docs need to know what they are dealing with. If your physician seems puzzled or frustrated, mention the hot tub—or better yet, this news site.

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