Monday, June 12, 2006

Have your lawyer meet you at the swings

…In a story done on KATU News in Portland, Oregon, litigation was cited as a kid’s worst enemy.

…Climbing trees, going so high on the swing you almost go full circle over the top, jumping off the swing at the highest arc, hanging upside down, throwing cherry bombs…

…OK—-no cherry bombs…

…..All of these pursuits of, dare HS say it, a normal childhood, are out in some places.

…There are even “No Running” signs—on playgrounds!

…Portland removed all swings from elementary school playgrounds.

…Also no merry-go-rounds (those heavy, hard-to-push things), tube slides, track rides (huh?) or teeter-totters!

…No teeter-totters?

…No dodgeball. Of course, no tether ball!

…Tether ball is an outright killer, the thug of playgrounds!

…Oh, no tag (“encourages fights”).

…But kids learn what they can and can’t do from taking little risks…

…Shut up, HA, and hand over that bubblewrap!


Ellen Anthony said...

You got the truth! If kids can't play, take allowable risks, then how can they learn? We are raising a generation of couch potatoes because they can't play and everyone complains about obesity.

Star said...

I agree. Gosh, we're geezin', but what happened to running around outside?