Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jiggy with the condiments

…Is jiggy even an expression anymore? Where is Will Smith when you need him?

…In 2003, Teresa J. Farney had a piece in the Arizona Republic on the new kids on the condiment block.

…The mustard shelf is a sea of yellow, of course. Fruit-flavored mustards are now around. Ketchup? Yup, green! And ketchup also contains mystery ingredients—such as apricots, beer, celery, raspberries, and rum. Rum?

…Mayo, well, some people even make it fresh. And it has morphed into tartar sauce, aioli (garlic mayo), thousand island, and remoulade.

...And don't forget the ranks of hot sauces, Tabasco, and good old A-1.

…Condiments used to cover up less than fresh flavors. Now, the food is fresh, usually, but many think less bursting with flavor. Maybe it’s the wornout soil.

…Sauces now go on beforehand, too—as marinades.

…Sandwiches are definitely rocking. Have you tried the turkey and pesto at…wait for it…Wendy’s?

…Any other weird condiment uses, readers? (Don’t get too spicy!)


Linda said...

A-1 will always be my favorite with steak.....has been ever since I was a little girl.
It was my dad's choice too.

Star said...

Some things are classics.