Monday, June 26, 2006

The Kenguru

…Now, from Hungary, comes the Kenguru, described as a small, stylish, and cheerful vehicle for the wheelchair-bound.

…No doors, no seats, you roll the chair in the back, lock it in place, man (or woman) the joystick, and you’re off!

…It’s electrically powered with a range of about 35 miles. It goes up to 40 mph, so is not for long hauls or freeways.

…It’s about $13,000 US.

…HA has no idea how you could get one of these. The website is and she could not get the English part to load.

…Auto dealers should probably take the plunge and distribute the things here.

…Only one nagging pang…Does this look safe or would an already disabled person be put-putting around in a little shell while heavier, more sturdy vehicles blasted past?


Bill Thomasson said...

A top speed of 40 mph should make it pretty safe. I've never put much faith in the legend that sheer mass has any real connection to safety. I suppose a Patton tank would be pretty safe, but it's not very fast either.

Star said...

OK--I feel better about posting it. It would be fine for around here--groc store, etc. Residential streets.

Thomas Wright said...

From what I gather, the makers of Kenguru made sure that the vehicle passed all the safety requirements. And it has a rearward ramp that allows drivers to roll in with their wheelchairs and fasten directly to safety equipment from their chair.