Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Not all hot-wired kids need a pill

…If your kid has ants in the pants…it may just be high-energy and not require medication.

…Every parent knows that if you put adults and kids in a room, within 15 minutes the squirming, running, grabbing, staring at, and yelling effects a complete transfer of energy from the adults to the kids, which leads to more squirming, running, etc.

…The little energy vampires!

…HA does not want to get into some argument with people whose kids are a bad outtake from one of those “Nanny 911” shows and so wild they can’t learn or think, but she suggests this may be fewer than the number being medically treated.

…One educator describes these kids as “advanced creative thinkers” (thinkers, not stinkers).

…There is a difference between kids with quick brains and impatient attention spans and kids with a real chemical brain imbalance.

…This woman is named Elaine Ely, PhD, and she offers a test so you can see if your child is an advanced creative thinker or menace to classroom serenity.

…Go to http://www.trafford.com/robots/02-1292.html.

…Incidentally, kids and now adults on ADHD drugs can end up in the Emergency Dept.

…Some docs even think the FDA should slap a black box warning on Ritalin, Concerta, and Adderall (the latter is uptown meth).

…No one has died of this stuff—yet.

…But shouldn’t we think long and hard before dosing the youngest among us?

…Try to think of them as free entertainment…and we can always crate them.

…Joke, don’t email.

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