Friday, June 16, 2006

Parents: Asthma can get serious fast

… Nearly half the parents of kids with this disease don’t know how serious it can get, according to the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology.

…One in three fatal asthma attacks involves a child with a mild form of the disease. Mild!

…Asthma, worldwide, increases 50% a decade.

…This disease, featuring inflammation and narrowing of the airways, is more than an occasional grab for an inhaler—it can kill.

…Yet, many parents trail off on use of inhalers and anti-inflammatories if the kids complain or experience side effects.

…Three-fourths of kids who do not comply experience at least one problem as a result: worse or more frequent attacks, limited activity, or nighttime episodes.

…Almost 60% of parents think they comply, but the vast majority of docs don’t believe it—based on how the kid is doing.

…Even some famous Olympians have asthma—but they control it.

…HA was once told she had asthma and had the inhalers and breathing treatments. It was a reaction to a medication and gradually went away (9 mos).

…But she learned wheezing is no breeze. You surely don’t want your kids experiencing it.

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