Thursday, June 29, 2006

Seriously, tastes like meat

…Meat companies, not some bark-biting vegetarians, are picking up on this new product called SoleCina, a soybased set of concepts and ingredients that can duplicate the mouth feel of meat muscle.

…Meat muscle? Ewww, make that, beef or chicken. SoleCina can be formed into sausage, hot dogs, filets, any configuration.

…It also can be wholly vegetarian or a hybrid with some meat protein.

…Tons of protein, no cholesterol.

…Look for SoleCina products to start showing up soon. It will be incorporated into meat-like products, not sold by the bagful.

…If it doesn’t have the gaggy sawdusty taste of some meat substitutes, HA will be glad.

…Oh, and she was going to show you a picture…but it looked, disappointingly, just like…a hamburger.

…She doesn’t know what else she expected of an edible analog.

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