Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Should you drug your kids?

…HA just wrote a story on ear care and a doc advised parents to not let kids sleep during airplane landings because they wouldn’t clear their ear pressure. He said if all the kids are screaming, that’s a good thing.

…Well, that would depend on your POV.

…Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Sue Shellenbarger took on the subject of whether you should knock the tots out for long flights.

…One couple was split.The father brought a DVD player, but after many hours, the squirming youngster tired of that—and of everything else—and Dad asked Mom to get out the Benadryl.

…A site called took a poll of 3,657 parents. A third said they would never sedate their children. Twenty-four percent said they never had to. But 18% said they had and would again.

…The owner of said this was sort of the dirty secret of parents.

…Pediatricians are split, amazingly. Twenty percent might be in favor, 60% never thought about it, and 20% were incensed at the thought.

…If you are considering this, you must ask your doctor! Benadryl is not meant as a sedative.

…Some children get a reverse effect—zipping into action! Think about that one.

…Shellenbarger followed up a few days later, saying she had gotten a blitz of email, running 2 to 1 in support of Benadryl, with a physician’s permission.

…But another guy wanted to give her a lifetime supply of Soma and send her to an island with like-minded people. (Who would do the work on that island, with everyone lumbering around like spaced-out zombies? Never mind.)

…Some suggestions people had: Buy the baby a seat. If the child can get comfy, he or she may conk out sans medication.

…Encourage airlines to have a no-kid zone with earphones for the sensitive.

….Tell the older ones to knock off the nonsense. They may be reachable via language, who knows.

…Maybe a saline nasal spray if the pressure is bothering the little ones (ask the doc first).

…HA’s daughter’s elderly German pediatrician recommended Benadryl from the appearance of the first pox of chicken pox and for the next four days.

…She slept thru chicken pox on a doctor’s orders! Not the same as a 10-hour flight to Europe, but the only thing HA can add here.

…All in all, she is not thrilled with the idea of knocking kids out. In later life, they will not be able to settle themselves down. They may even see a plane and fall over asleep.

…What do you think?


twobuyfour said...

My two offspring travelled cross-country via airplane from the time they were 6 weeks old. Sometimes they cried. Sometimes they slept. Once we drugged one due to a cold - but he got all jacked up and wired and couldn't sleep. Primarily, we found that planning a flight around their sleep times, and their sleep times around the flight they almost always did just fine. These days they're 6 and 8 and know how to behave on an airplane and don't torment other passengers, only family members.

Star said...