Monday, June 12, 2006

Uh, uh, uh..don't reach for certain BP meds

…If you’re pregnant, heads up!

…Physicians and the FDA thought the so-called ACE inhibitor class of blood pressure medicine was OK in the first trimester, though they could damage the fetus’s kidneys in the second or third.

…These things are the second most commonly prescribed drug on the market.They have been around 25 years.

…Exposure to ACE inhibitors in the first trimester (say when you are taking them and don’t even know you are pregnant or are not trying to get pregnant), tripled the risk of serious birth defects. Seven percent of babies ended up with serious problems.

…The heart was most often affected, but the limbs and face also came in for defects, as did the brain or spinal cord.

…Problem is, no one wants to test drugs on pregnant women—and the expectant mouse mommies don’t always present an accurate picture.

…The FDA may strengthen the “black box” warnings. But until then, pass it on!

…P.S. HA thinks tuna for preggos is also off the approved list.


Ellen Anthony said...

Good information about the BP meds. You might also mention that smoking marijuana may have side effects in the fetus. It can't be studied effectively since most women will not admit to using while pregnant, however there's a good possibility that the number of ADD kids are related to marijuana use. They've eliminated most legal factors.

Star said...

All smoking is prob crossing the placenta, I would think. Good point! People should think of pregnancy as a natural high!