Friday, June 02, 2006

Venus calls her GFs, while Mars fights or flees

…In 2002, UCLA did a study that showed friendships among women are a survival device.

…Hanging out with friends can even soothe the gut-wrenching stress the rest of life’s pettiness strews around.

…The docs found that women respond to stress with a cascade of brain chemicals, as one article put it, that make them form and maintain friendships with other women.

…Before this study, they thought both men and women experienced “fight or flight.”

…Instead of fleeing or fighting, the “anti-stress” hormone oxytocin makes women run for their children and circle the wagons with other women.

…This apparently does not happen with men because testosterone reduces the effects of oxytocin. Estrogen enhances it.

…Two of the women docs got started on this subject when one remarked that every time the stress level got high, the women came into the lab and cleaned, drank coffee, and gabbed—and the men disappeared and holed up.

…This led to the “tend and befriend” response idea.

…Other studies show that more friends women have, the longer they live and fewer physical impairments they have.

…Studies also show that when women take opiod blockers—blocking the natural opiate of oxytocin—they withdraw more.

…Married women, the docs say, also turn to their friends more than their husbands for emotional support. In a study done by PacfiCare Behavioral Health, 45% of hubbies regularly turned to their spouses for emotional support, while only 21% of women did.

…Some of this is from The Big Book of Duh, but interesting, huh?

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