Monday, June 05, 2006

Wait--this isn't a spa?

…Remember when a trip to the dentist was no day at the beach?

…According to Jennifer Alsever, writing in the New York Times (Apr 30, 2006), some dental offices are piling on the amenities, such as aromatherapy, green tea, paraffin hand waxings, blankets, video eyeglasses, etc.

…One woman was afraid of the dentist, but now is searching for an excuse to go.

…Er, hon, they have spas with no drills, have you heard about those?

…Some dentists even offer fresh-baked cookies.

…Hey, what happened to the carnations with the ridiculously long stems that you never knew what to do with?

…One dentist said going to the dentist would not be an ordeal, but be like having your hair done. HA thinks we are a ways from that.

…Of course, a lot of dentistry today is cosmetic, whitening, straightening, rather than those boring old fillings and fall-over-dead-expensive bridges.

…Doctors are getting into the spa game, too, Alsever reports.

…There are 1,500 medical spas worldwide now, three times the number three years ago.

…Most of this is cash—insurance isn’t falling for the green teeth…oops, green tea.

…One question: When you get gum recontouring, implants, computerized smile analysis, veneers, and gum grafting, do you get a robe to keep?

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