Thursday, June 22, 2006

Which element are you?

…Laurie Steelsmith, a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist and author of Natural Choices for Women’s Health, says Chinese medical practitioners think there are five basic body types, corresponding to five natural elements.

…Everyone has all five, but usually one predominates (according to this theory).

…WOOD types are Type A, ambitious, highly competitive. Leaders, CEOs, athletes. But they are also prone to stress: high blood pressure, PMS, breast and ovarian cysts, headaches, and tight muscles. If you are wood, you need to replenish, she says, with yoga or tai chi. Eat healthy food, avoid alcohol. Just remember: The healthier you are, the more you can accomplish.

…FIRE types are fun and charismatic. They are dramatic and love traveling. They also talk fast and are very verbal. Fire types laugh a lot, even when talking about something that isn’t funny. When Fires get too much excitement, they can experience heart palpitations, insomnia, and depression. They tend to get more hot flashes if they are women. Fires need to back off people and spend time alone each day. Limit spicy foods and eat regular meals.

…EARTH types are caretakers. They feel deeply compassionate and welcome all sorts of people into their lives. They are natural arbitrators. They find solace in eating and often have a sweet tooth. Going out into nature is their pleasure. If they neglect themselves, they are prone to digestive problems, food allergies, heartburn, and fatigue, PMS, and easy weight gain. Earths need to maintain healthy boundaries and let people take care of themselves sometimes.

…METAL types are quiet, intellectually sharp, spiritually inclined and creative. They seek perfection. These are often artists and crafts people. They often spend hours in trance-like concentration. They are usually committed only to a small group of people. Metals have a fast metabolism and love spicy foods.

…WATER types are seekers of wisdom, wise beyond their years. They are always searching for truth and meaning. Waters have strong endurance and keep to themselves. They often get kidney or bladder problems. If too isolated, waters can do so much thinking it spills over into fear, Steelsmith says.

…What do you think readers? Does this ring a bell?

…Now back to the regularly scheduled horoscope.

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