Thursday, June 15, 2006

You lucky downward facing dog!

…Writing for Reuters, Ellen Wulfhorst talks about the cushy life some office workers have (as opposed to freelance writers). Massages, baby! Yoga!

…Such perks boost the bottom line, they insist.

…Probably beats a cigarette and a cuppa joe for focusing the mind.

…HA did yoga for a decade and was the better for it.

…Out here Arizona way, they do the kind with the heat turned up. Yes! Even in summer when our heat is already turned up by larger forces.

…If they do this in the workplace, do they have, you know, showers?

…HA (don’t laugh) used to have a staff. She never liked it when applicants asked about quitting time first thing. Can you imagine the job interviews at these places?

…”My last job had heated stone massages and all you have is hot tub with lousy rose petals?

…“I don’t THINK so.”

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