Thursday, July 20, 2006

Attention, cooks

…HA read about a gal who was making pot roast in a white wine sauce made of four cups of wine, no water. She popped it into a 400-degree oven and after 15 minutes, went to check and a bright flash of light followed by a loud BANG made her jump back.

…Dinner had exploded.

…Her arm hair was covered by gray powder that used to be her arm hair.

…The pure wine, no water, filled the oven with vapors.

…The vapor can ignite at 125 degrees—this oven was 400 degrees.

…Distilled alcohol can ignite at 80 degrees.

…In this case, the whole mess got hot enough to explode, too.

…Simmer the wine on top of the stove in water first to leach off the alcohol, or use less wine, or keep temps lower.

…Heating 4 cups of wine to 400 degrees in a small space—not a plan.

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