Friday, July 21, 2006

Bearded ladies

…There are a couple of wars in progress now, so HA decided to focus on something really crucial—unwanted facial hair. Why do you think she’s Health’s Ass?

…A Yankelovich poll of 15,000 women came up with the shattering news that 45% of us gals considered excess or unwanted facial hair our “most distressing pet beauty peeve.” Pet? Never mind—HA is not going there.

…A third of women apparently find having a big ole mustache makes them feel unattractive.

…If this isn’t TMI, HA can’t stand those stiff little chin hairs and is constantly after those bad boys with a tweezers. Her chin looks like she skidded down a road on it.

…More than 41 million American women of all ages and ethnicities have removed unwanted facial hair in the past 6 mos.

…Eighty percent do it at home and not the electrolysis office. But half of all women are not satisfied with the results and think the hair grows back too fast.

…This deathless info comes to us courtesy of the makers of VANIQA, a prescription remover product.

…If you are not hyped about this now, girls, just wait. Menopause can make the problem worse.

…It’s the male hormones, androgens, outbalancing the estrogen that causes us to increase our….hirsute quotient.

…Always something, right? Beats being in a war, HA guesses, reaching for her desk tweezers. She has them in every room.

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