Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chemobrain is real

…Many people who have undergone chemotherapy complain of a “can’t think” haze that rolls over their brains like a fog and then sits there, sometimes for years.

…Docs used to attribute this frustrating and scary phenom to stress of cancer treatment.

…But up to 30% of chemo patients get it. And sometimes it starts before the treatments, so may be a byproduct of some cancers.

…Docs can now prescribe meds for this (though they don’t always work) or cognitive exercises like memory and concentration games or putting everything on paper.

…On a postie. Where you can see it.

…This could be partly shock, HA thinks. She experienced a similar thing, a blank blue shiny surface behind her eyes instead of thoughts, after experiencing a house fire. It lingered for several months.

…Could be another thing entirely, who knows.

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